Solo Show in Lexington, MA – February through March 2014

Local Fine Artist and Lexington resident, Anne Healey is exhibiting her latest series at The Minute Shop, 9 Muzzy Street, Lexington.  Although qualified in Human Resources Management, Anne has studied watercolor and pastel for over 30 years whenever possible.  Whilst raising a family and moving house every couple of years as a trailing spouse, she attended Monash University’s Centre for Arts to study watercolor, the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas to study watercolor, drawing, colour theory and design, and Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia majoring in Art History and Psychology.   Anne currently paints with local fine artist, friend and mentor, Jeanne Rosier-Smith, PSA, from Sudbury.  Anne has also attended painting and drawing workshops with accomplished professional artists in Australia and the US including:  Bill Schneider, Carol Blackman, Arthur Turner, Francesca Fuchs, Justin Life, Liz Haywood-Sullivan and Allan Picard.

Her paintings can be found in private collections in Houston, upstate New York, Melbourne, Moscow and the UK.  She is a member of the Pastel Society of Cape Cod and the Pastel Society of Connecticut and has been honored twice by faculty at the Glassell, Houston for the Summer Student Exhibition for upcoming artists.

‘I really enjoyed learning about the history of the War of Independence through the reenactments of the dedicated women and men from Lexington’s Historical Society.   Their reenactments thrill locals and visitors alike, particularly during the month of April.   For three years, I have attended the Patriot’s Day Ceremonies with camera in hand, capturing images, as well as immersing myself in the crowds of cheering faces that line the streets and parks in Lexington for the Patriot’s Day Parade.  This series of portraits is the result of ducking in between trees and garrisons of recreators, to capture poignant moments of those extraordinary folk who took up arms to protect and support their homeland, such as the morning ride of Paul Revere, the grim determination of ordinary American folk defending their homes, the realization of British soldiers that the battle was not going according plan, the nervous curiosity of a drummer boy, and the petrified child caught up in the fray of battle.’

There are five paintings in this series and they can been viewed at The Minute Shop at 9 Muzzey Street, Lexington.   This shop is run by Mr Meguru Izutsu who has been in business in Lexington for ten years and is a Custom Picture Framing business.  He also sells beautiful artworks, such as silk scroll paintings and exquisite hand painted fans from Japan.  My thanks to Mr Meguru Izutsu for graciously exhibiting my work at this shop.

Here’s what Jeanne Rosier-Smith, PSA, had to say about this series:

Anne Healey’s new Patriot series is ambitious and exciting.  Using the unique period reenactments of our area as her models, she’s developed a series of pastel paintings which bring the past to life with a fresh contemporary feel.  Her dynamic compositions capture a sense of living history: smoke rises from the muskets and damp mist hangs in the early morning air.  Her sensitive use of the pastel medium gives these works depth and texture.’

Local Fine Artist and Lexington resident, Anne Healey is exhibiting her latest series at The Minute Shop, 9 Muzzy Street, Lexington.