Studio Classes

Classes are held at the studio on a weekly basis. Each session runs for between 4 and 5 weeks including topics such as Color Theory (Munsell, Itten, Albers), Composition guidelines,  Working in Series, Color Tune-up and Line Quality as well as art history and current trends.

2020 primary focus is about learning to see values. Great representational paintings are made on the foundation of strong drawing skills and drawing is not just about line BUT SHAPE AND VALUE.  I first heard the saying:  ‘[when creating form] ….Colour takes all the credit but value does all the work’ in Arthur Turner’s critique class about 20 years ago.  Join me for a journey into value, how to see it, how to use it, how to manipulate it, how light affects it. Let’s take our artwork up a notch and add to our artists’ tool box by getting to know the value of values.

So, what happens every Tuesday that classes are happening? Typically, there will be a short presentation and a practical demo as well as a suggested exercise to reinforce the current topic. You can then try the exercise or work from your printed or electronic reference (preferably your own photo). Each monthly session ends with a 30 minute group discussion and critique.

The class is friendly and supportive with just the right mixture of learning and play to encourage you to move forward in your creative journey. Feel very safe to ask questions, always. Creating paintings is all about enjoying the process as well as the result. These classes teach you confidence in the process so you can get to those paintings you really want to paint. They are technical, informative and, did I mention, they’re totally absorbing and fun!

February 4 through 25          What value is that?

4 week month : $140.00

Representing Shapes with lines.  Seeing Values by using lines as a shorthand for value.  Strong preparation for what happens once the shapes are established.  It’s then all about the in between or lost and found edges.

March 3 through 31                What’s in a shape?

5 week month:  $175.00

Finding correct proportions and placing those shapes accurately.  Comparisons, squinting, measurements, looking for negative shapes and changing our frame of reference by using a reflective surface mean the shape is the shape – (psst, and correct shape means you communicate your intention, clearly).

April 7 through 28                   Balancing values, or not!

4 week month:  $140.00

Now you understand seeing subjects as a series of light and dark shapes but what happens when you introduce a background, infer a time of day or a mood, and play with one, two or three light sources.  Uh oh, that means there will be shadows!

May 5 through 26                     An appealing and attractive glow.

4 week month:  $140.00

Value manipulation allows you to achieve luminosity in your paintings.  Values mean contrast in your work and using this contrast communicates what is of visual interest to you the artist.  These contrasts can have a sliding scale helping with compositional interest, that extra piece that makes your work even more interesting.


  • Tuesday mornings – 9.30 till 12.00 noon
  • Tuesday evenings – 6.30 pm till 9.00 pm 

Classes are fun and semi-private (max of 6). Beginners always welcome. Experienced painters always challenged. Currently $35 per week, charged monthly.  4 week month is $140 and a 5 week month is $175.   One make up session per month.

To enroll please email me at: (waitlists apply for Tuesday morning).