Classes are held at the studio on a weekly basis. Each session runs for between 3 and 6 weeks covering topics such as Color Theory (Munsell, Itten, Albers), Composition guidelines (there are a few of these),  Working in a Series, Color Tune-up and Line Quality, About Sorolla, Sargent, Bacon and Lucien Freud, Still Life which tells a story, Abstraction and Expressionism in the 1940s and 50s, The Modern Nude and the Contemporary Nude, Buildings and Linear Perspective, Contemporary Trends – what’s happening, like …. now (and much more). The last week of the monthly session will be a group discussion and a useful critique.

So, what happens every Tuesday that classes are happening? Typically, there will be a short presentation and a practical demo as well as a suggested exercise to reinforce the current topic.  You can then try the exercise or work from your printed or electronic reference (preferably your own photo).   The class is friendly and supportive with just the right mixture of learning and play to encourage you to move forward in your creative journey. Feel very safe to ask questions, always. Creating paintings is all about enjoying the process. These classes teach you confidence in the process so you can get to those paintings you really want to paint. They are technical, informative and, did I mention, they’re totally absorbing and fun!

January 9 through February 30: Tuesday classes will improve your drawing skills and techniques with Pastel along with an introduction to Glittery, Reflective, and Transparent Objects or the ‘What am I seeing?’ Classes.

March 6 through 27: This session is a conversation about 3 Dimensional forms and light. How does light travel? What do you see when light falls across an object, a tree, a flower, a glass bowl, or a cloud? What color is the light? Shadows have colors too?

April 3 through 17: The Landscape concentrating on design: quick 10 minute notan studies, even quicker value study of final design, color study to finished piece. Create a 9 x 16 painting of a landscape photo you took whilst on vacation. See if you can put into your painting all the emotion, the smells, the feeling of joy you experienced when actually on your vacation. Stating your objective or realizing the intent of your painting, before you start!

May 8 through 29: Dune grasses and little estuaries running out to the sea. Underpainting techniques and experimenting with mark making. We take this class outdoors for color studies and photos then back to the studio to complete a larger painting.


  • Tuesday mornings – 9.30 till 12.30 noon
  • Tuesday evenings – 7.00 pm till 9.30 pm 

Classes are fun and semi-private (max of 6). Beginners always welcome. Experienced painters always challenged.

Ever popular Open Studio time is available on Friday mornings from 9.30 to 12.30 pm.  Call 781 786 1687 early to book an easel.  Work on your own projects, discussions at the easel.  Group critique last week of the monthly session.

To enroll please email me at: