A rose on every cheek

Little Skills Builders for the containers in containment series.

A rose on every cheek
10 x 10 inches
Claire Fonteyn Pastel Matte.

This is a jar of Vegemite, a pewter Koala and its cub, and a wild rose. Vegemite is a rich, sticky, brown paste made in Australia. It is a yeast extract, the residual of the beer brewing process. Yup, it’s edible and, it is popular with most Aussies. It’s a salty spread that is delicious on fresh, buttered crusty bread, still warm from the oven. Yummo, but be warned, you apply it very, very sparingly!

Trivial Pursuit fans might like to know the original radio jingle from the 1950s claimed that Vegemite puts a ‘rose on every cheek.’ Why? Because it is one of the richest forms of Vitamin B. It’s also a great substitute for stock or bouillon in meat dishes. Can you tell I’m feeling nostalgic?