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  • Come and smile at the Birdees

    See my latest series as part of the Providence Art Club’s 118th Little Pictures Show – an amazing showcase of New England art talent! Public Opening – Sunday November 6 – 12- 5 pm Read more

  • A rose on every cheek

    Little Skills Builders for the containers in containment series. This is a jar of Vegemite, a pewter Koala and its cub, and a wild rose. Vegemite is a rich, sticky, brown paste made in Australia. It is a yeast extract, the residual of the beer brewing process. Yup, it’s edible and, it is popular with… Read more

  • Vegemite

    As iconic as the Koala and the Kangaroo – yes it is Vegemite. This savory spread is beloved by most Australians and is a rich source of Vitamin B. And while my family has lived in the USA for more than 25 years, there hasn’t been a time when we have been without a jar… Read more

  • Marmite

    Little Skills Builders for the containers in containment series, the sequel! Marmite versus Vegemite, is there any basis for comparison? They have become comfort foods to entire generations: they exist in some form, in every culture across the globe. Most Brits favor Marmite, Aussies favor Vegemite, for Americans there’s peanut butter, maybe crunchy or smooth… Read more

  • Perfumed Peonies in Connecticut

    I made a deal with myself to finally enter a couple of national shows. It is always a very scary, intimidating thing to put yourself out there, open to critical review. But I did it, three times in 2019 in three separate national juried shows. Yay! Three pieces in the Pastel Society for Southeast Texas… Read more

  • Exciting news!

    I am very excited to tell you all about this. Not only are Mark and I headed up to Mass to visit our daughter for her birthday, we are also visiting Mass because I got into a show! Yes, that’s right. The piece below is the one that was juried into the PPSCC (Pastel Painters… Read more