Little Skills Builders for the containers in containment series, the sequel! Marmite versus Vegemite, is there any basis for comparison? They have become comfort foods to entire generations: they exist in some form, in every culture across the globe. Most Brits favor Marmite, Aussies favor Vegemite, for Americans there’s peanut butter, maybe crunchy or smooth […]

Exciting news!

I am very excited to tell you all about this. Not only are Mark and I headed up to Mass to visit our daughter for her birthday, we are also visiting Mass because I got into a show! Yes, that’s right. The piece below is the one that was juried into the PPSCC (Pastel Painters […]

Happy Fourth!

Hope that you all had a great Fourth of July. I know I certainly did spending some time with family, good friends, and painting. Missing the beach up in Mass and can’t wait to head there this Wednesday. Gotta start packing and make sure I fit my pastels in so I can paint at the […]