Perfumed Peonies in Connecticut

I made a deal with myself to finally enter a couple of national shows.  It is always a very scary or intimidating thing to put yourself out there, open to critical review.  But I did it, three times in 2019 in three separate national juried shows.  Yay!  Three pieces in the Pastel Society for Southeast Texas National Show(PSST), one piece in the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod(PPSCC) and one piece in the Connecticut Pastel Society(CPS).  It really was exciting to get paintings juried in but then I actually got a super phone call where I learned I had actually been awarded a prize where I walked on clouds all day, no all week.  Then, just this last week my prize arrived from Great American Pastels!  I received a beautiful box off Daniel Green Portrait colors that are sitting on my desk as I type to you.  Simply wonderful.

Having run two national juried shows in Texas and helped out on a couple of others I know that the people running them put in many hours locating suitable galleries, seeking jurists and judges, sourcing prizes, getting the marketing just right, balancing the budget, organizing volunteers, etc. etc. and I want to acknowledge all of them.  Thank you for running these shows, for promoting the beautiful medium of soft pastel, for creating a forum for creatives to collaborate and get together to share ideas and artwork.

I also want to thank the companies that support these shows with product for prizes.  The smile that opening a new box of pastels brings is priceless.  The joy in unwrapping pastels, cataloging them for reordering is immense.  Then comes the time to use them, to hear them glide and zoom across a piece of sennelier la cart, u-art or home made surface, aaaah, music to my ears.  Can you tell I am in my happy place – oh yes.  So thank you, thank you Great American, for supporting the CPS.  I promise to use these pastels to enter an PSA show in 2020, that’s my new goal.