Little Skills Builders for the containers in containment series, the sequel!

Marmite (from the Containers in Containment Series)
10 x 10 inches
Pastel on U-art 600 grit.

Marmite versus Vegemite, is there any basis for comparison? They have become comfort foods to entire generations: they exist in some form, in every culture across the globe. Most Brits favor Marmite, Aussies favor Vegemite, for Americans there’s peanut butter, maybe crunchy or smooth and, Europeans, there’s Nutella, a hazelnut chocolate spread. Mmmm, the taste and smell of familiar foods evoke memories of school lunches or afternoon snacks on warm crusty bread. Imagine, all that packed into a painting of a tiny jar of goodness! So yummy.

Thanks @AlisonBatho for the loan of the Marmite.